Our Mission:

The mission of Real Hood Music LLC is to gain maximum exposure for our artists and to create and help them maintain a successful career in the entertainment industry. The vibe at Real Hood Music is motivated by four words: trust, loyalty, honesty, and hard work. With that in mind, Real Hood Music is dedicated to our artists and we ensure that our artists’ business is handled effectively and their music is heard. Real Hood Music is committed to:

  • Making sure the music is current and relevant.
  • Providing engineers and producers, if needed.
  • Identifying the music which in turn will identify them.
  • Making sure that artist’s product is packaged properly.


Our Responsibilities:

Depending on the level of the artist Real Hood Music will give attention to their basic necessities. For example, for a novice level artist Real Hood Music will assist with building buzz for the artist and creating a fan base. This will be done by creating both a physical and viral presence for the artist as well as his/her music. Real Hood Music will ensure that all paperwork is in order and will assist with musical projects, live shows and interviews. Musical projects will be fine tuned, supported, cultivated and developed for the artist to ensure that they reach a path to stardom.